Ramping up #plant18

Soil temps jumping as much as five degrees in the state in the past 24 hours:

Soil 4-24

Seeing more and more planters actually in the field rather than in front of the shop today, as the anhydrous applications start to wrap up:


Bob farms south of Dexter, and says he's planning to start planting beans on Thursday.  In Eastern Iowa, where soil temps are a little cooler the fertilizer application continues in Jackson County as the 8345-R pulls this rig in the Hingtgen Farms operation:

NH3 2

There's even a little dust starting to collect on the fender.  Meanwhile, at Templeton Family Farms in Carroll County the monster is rolling:

Big planter

Certainly some long hours put in this time of year, but some beautiful sights as well such as this near Fairfield submitted by the Porter Brothers:

Plant sunset

A few soybeans going in, including Don near Danville who says he's planting 15 inch soybeans into his green Cereal Rye cover crop that was planted the first week of October with the same planter:


Signs of progress.  Thank you for the updates, and please send your pictures to the DuPont Pioneer A-Series Soybean tip-line at 515.999.5491.  Be safe, and we'll see you for The Big Show on Wednesday.

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