Very Important Message From Van

I’ve written and spoken to you about many important things through our many years, but this is right up there as one of the most important.

You may remember hearing a wonderful young high school boy from Des Moines named Jackson Fisher on our program.  Jackson has battled brain cancer and has been on the air with us during our “Pinky Swear” Radiothons to raise funds for local families with a kid with cancer.  We all love him, and the way the phone rang off the hook when he was on, so do Van and Bonnie listeners.

Several times it looked as though Jackson had beaten this terrible disease, but he is now bedridden, critically ill and is under hospice care.  As you can imagine, this is overwhelming to everyone involved. 

Jackson has helped local families and our community. Now he needs our help.  There is a fund set up in the name of Jackson Fisher and Bankers Trust has graciously set it up so that anyone anywhere can go to ANY Bankers Trust location and make a contribution. Or I imagine you could mail something to them at any of their branches.  All you need to tell them is you’d like to contribute to the JACKSON FISHER FUND.

Thank you to you amazing Van and Bonnie listeners!


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