#plant18 in full force

Most all pictures captured today involve planting operations as it appears much of the anhydrous, spraying, manure hauling and dry fertilizer applications are wrapping up.  It's been fascinating to watch the soil temp map the past few days, as now we've developed a big contrast:

Soil 4-25

Starting our snapshot today, Dave Struthers is behind the wheel for day #2 of planting:

Plant 3 Dave

A much story in other parts of the state.  A textor to the DuPont Pioneer A-Series Soybean Text Line at 515.999.5491 says "In SW Iowa doubtful 1/2 of NH3 has been applied, very limited dry fertilizer has been spread (NONE on our farm). Commercial applicators are weeks behind. Virtually no pre-plant tillage has started. Planting is a week away for many farmers here, no suitable weather."   Near Alta Tim Petersen has a similiar view:

Plant 3 Peterson

Near Monticello, Jason Russel says this is the first planter he's seen in the area.  Why is he in the truck, you may ask?  Well, he says his no-till bean ground is simply too cold:

Plant 3 Jason

Both corn and soybeans going in quickly says Colin Wagenbach near Burlington:

Plant 3 Colin

Over 850 acres of beans in the ground for Templeton Family Farms in Carroll County:

Plant 3 Templeton

Notice any trend here...beans going in with corn, if not before?  Mark Hormann at the controls in Cedar County putting in beans before corn:

Plant 3 Hormann

Finally, keeping up with the planters is Hoss at Vision Ag in Richland with a little post-plant spraying:


As always, thank you so much for your pictures to help us document #plant18 around the Midwest and please keep 'em coming at 515.999.5491.  Be safe!

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