Today's #plant18 snapshot 4-26-18

Time to roll across a lot of the Midwest although a section of North Central and Northwest Iowa along with the Southwestern part of the state is still too cold and too wet to get much done other than maybe mapping fields.  In fact, one texter to the DuPont Pioneer A-Series Soybean Text Line at 515.999.5491 says "hope to start NH3 in northern Buena Vista county next week.  Still wet and snow in the fence lines #notplant18yet" and we love the creativity of that #.  Let's get going with some pictures where the weather is cooperating, Summit Farms here with Ben running the controls of the high speed Exact Emerge planter at 10 mph near Hubbard, IA:

Plant 4 1

A little improvement for most of the state today in the Iowa Soil Temp map:

Soil 4

It's the field cultivator today, planter tomorrow for Dave Felt near Adel on a second-year corn field:

Plant 4 11

Off to Sac County, where Roger Williams with Iowa Farms Association, INC sends in this picture of a big machine:

Plant 4 2

The monitors here suggest everything is working about information overload, more eyes are almost needed:

Plant 4 3

In all seriousness it takes that many to properly place and administer the seed and fertilizer with the pinpoint accuracy required in today's era of precision farming:

Plant 4 4

Did we mention more eyes?  We all know that even though Ann and Emily Finch are pictured in the passenger seat, they are really the ones running the show:

Plant 4 5

Let's check out Wisconsin in Lafayette County where folks at Meadow Brook Farms are on day 3 of putting seed in the ground.  Looks like they are equal opportunity equipment users with the Cash IH M-X pulling the John Deere planter:

Plant 4 6

Kevin is running the throttle of the soil finisher today near Solon.  He says he sees "planting, tillage, tiling, nitrogen application, and a sprayer just went by. About Every thing you could do for getting the crop in is happening today."

Plant 4 9

Now to Illinois along I-80 in Bureau County, the report is 100 acres in the ground so far:

Plant 4 7

In Mahaska County it looks a little dry as shown on the Iowa Drought Monitor.  Casey says he "feels very fortunate to get some corn in the ground but we need a drink," check this out:

Plant 4 8

Near Owasa, IA Steve is pulling the levers and pushing the buttons of the big John Deere outfit:

Plant 4 12

In Jackson County, the Hingtgen Farms folks tell us "NH3 tanks moving everywhere. Have not seen any Planters running yet in the immediate area. A lot of fertilizer and some spraying being done. Ground conditions are finally getting fit," and we at the Big Show love the flag flying high on the mirror of the 8345-R.

Plant 4 13

Great pictures and updates, thank you for sending them and keep 'em coming.  Stay safe, we appreciate deeply your hard work during #plant18.

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