WATCH: Johnston Police Save Ducklings In Distress

The video below was posted by the Des Moines Register using body camera footage from Johnston police officers.

Earlier this week, you heard Rich Emberlin, a law enforcement veteran with 30 years of experience, tell me that police are changing their minds about the use of body cameras.  At first, police were against them.  NOW, police realize that the cameras are ultimately showing the police doing more GOOD things than bad things.

Also, the cameras can reveal when the public is engaged in bad behavior toward the police.  This is important -  because as citizens, we need to have the FULL story as to why police reacted in different situations.  Often, we only get the police reaction on video -  and it's meant to make law enforcement look bad.  My brother-in-law - an assistant police chief in Florida -  has stories of people showing up at public events organized by police and attempting to provoke officers while their friends stand around with phone cameras.

Ironically, after Emberlin's comments, this viral video appeared in which a New Jersey Port Authority official berated officers during a routine traffic stop.  She has since resigned.

In other example of how police body cameras are shining a positive light on law enforcement, watch the below video in which Johnston police rescue about a dozen ducklings in distress.

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