Apple Readies Wireless Headset Featuring VR & AR, CNET Says

In an exclusive report, CNET says that Apple is working on a wireless headset that would feature both virtual reality and augmented reality.

The project is still in its early stages but is scheduled for release in 2020.  Of course, the caveat of the exclusive report is that Apple could change -  or even completely scrap -  its plans.  Apple is declining comment.

CNET reports that a person familiar with the plans says that the powerful wireless headset would feature an 8K display for each eye -- higher resolution than today's best TVs -- that would be untethered from a computer or smartphone.

Listeners to the show have heard me try virtual reality on the air.  An Iowa company (Victory Enterprises) sells VR headsets to schools and loads them with curriculum.  I was blown away by the experience (and said so on WHO Radio) BUT that didn't entice me to buy a headset for private use (like gaming.)

As an Apple fan, I wonder if the company's entry into the VR and AR market WOULD entice me to buy a headset.  I suppose that a number of "Apple fans" are wondering the same thing today.

I definitely would NOT be a "first adopter" as one report estimates that consumers will buy 22 million VR and AR headsets and glasses this year.

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