The #plant18 momentum continues

With the exception of Northwest Iowa, a majority of the state finally reaching the key 50 degree soil temperature mark at 4 inches below the surface:

Soil 5

While some folks are reporting being nearly done or all done with corn, Wayne Fredericks in Mitchell County says there is still some frost at 30 inches deep so no activity yet:

Plant 5 5

To the DuPont A-Series Soybean text line we go, first up today is Ben Wikner, as Bob would say one of our "young guns in agriculture" who writes, "Snuck home from college (ISU) a day early to help get nitrogen on. A lot of guys in the neighborhood putting NH3 on this week.":

Plant 5 1

Near Monticello Riley Bossard sends us this status update of his inter-seeded rye cover crop, planted mid-June 2017:

Plant 5 2

It's no-till corn planting operation for Fritz Engel in Washington into corn stalks and a cover crop:

Plant 5 7

A seedling nearly popping through is what Brock Hansen found near Baxter after it was planted on April 13th:

Plant 5 3

Let's go up to Fayette County where the rock picker is hard at it with Doug Martins at the controls:

Plant 5 4

The beautiful Quad Trac pulling an anhydrous applicator as captured by Steve near Sumner:

Plant 5 6

Down near Danville, Don says they're "planting corn into fall striptill and oats and radishes cover crop that frost killed.  Checked beans planted Monday, they are swelled and working on the radical root.":

Plant 5 8

And Kevin Bodensteiner wraps us up today with his view of I-90 near Worthington, Minnesota, where the sunglasses are necessary for the wrong reasons this time of year.

Plant 5 9

Sincerely, thank you for all of the pictures and keep them coming to the DuPont Pioneer A-Series Soybean text line, 1.515.999.5491 as we continue snapshotting #plant18.  Be safe!

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