Analysts see progress in Chinese talks

 President Trump’s trade team concluded two-days of talks in Beijing last week, making some headway in an ongoing bilateral trade battle and raising hopes in agriculture that the tariff fight can soon end. American Farm Bureau trade adviser Dave Salmonsen is taking a positive view of the high-level U.S.-China trade talks, hoping they can head off further damage to U.S. farm exports in an escalating trade spat, first aimed at Chinese metals and theft of U.S. trade secrets:

Salmonson 1

Agreements that would end Chinese tariffs against U.S. pork, sorghum, fruit, ethanol, and possible levies or curtail of lucrative U.S. soybean exports to China. Salmonsen says there’s still time to end the fight before further U.S. tariffs could be triggered later in the year, after a hearing and review process:

Salmonson 2

China’s Commerce Ministry said the two sides agreed to set up a mechanism to try to work through their disputes, though differences remain. China’s state-run news agency reported the two sides discussed key issues, including resolving the tariffs. The U.S. side did not issue an immediate comment.

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