Out in the Corn Cam 2 planter

It’s planting time so Andy headed out to Kirkwood to see how they do things at the #1 Ag Sciences Program in the USA:

Kirkwood 2

They are doing some population experiments with some different varieties so it’s time to clean out to the planter:

Kirkwood 2

Garret Nees, Marcus Mumm and Zach Gomat are doing the planting:

Kirkwood 4

The idea is to offer a sandbox for students learn the skills they’ll need in the real world. In goes the seed:

Kirkwood 5

One scoop each:

Kirkwood 6

Off to the field with Garret behind the wheel of the MX 220 pulling the Kinze 12 row 30 inch planter with precision technology:

Kirkwood 1

Here’s the brand new planter, complete with the latest technology:

Kirkwood 7

Here’s a look inside the precision V sets, the seeds set in those holes:

Kirkwood 8

Then these gizmos knock off any doubles:

Kirkwood 9

The high speed seed tubes:

If you look closely, each of those flaps holds one seed and promptly carry each one to the ground and places it in perfect spacing:

Kirkwood 11

Big thank you to Josh Henik, James Jordan and Scott Ermer for having us out. Listen for more here:

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