Uber Expected to Launch Flying Car Service in LA by 2023

Flying cars have been something that people have talked about for decades. Since watching shows like The Jetsons, the idea that you could avoid traffic delays in big urban areas with flying vehicles has been a dream for those who have nightmarish commutes.

Well, the wait is about over. Uber has announced that they plan to test their flying taxi service in 2020 and have a formal launch in Los Angeles in 2023. That means that if you are in LA and stuck in traffic every single day, this option might be your saving grace.

Not only would the service be convenient, but it also would be affordable. Uber says that the price at first would be similar to Uber Black, which is the luxury service. But over time and scale, the company believes the price will be more closely lined up with the Uber X service, which is a very common option for all areas.

The future seems to be upon us, thanks to Uber.

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