Teaching the truth about Ag

Even though there are fewer and fewer people directly involved with the production of their food, the desire for knowing how it takes place seems to be stronger than ever.  There are lots of folks out there trying to provide the information but unfortunately most of that information is false.  Linn County Farm Bureau and Linn County Extension have designed a 21 day hatching program to try and cut through some of that noise:

Hatching 1

As you can see there are a variety of resources which have been combined.  Morgan Ball, Amy Schmitt and Kate Yoeder travel out to primarily kindegarten and fourth grade classrooms to talk with students:

Hatching 2
Hatching 4
Hatching 3

Look at these creative displays:

Hatching 4

They also take the incubator and actually hatch some chicks:

Hatching 5

It's all part of accurately learning, including being able to touch, feel and hold:

Hatching 6

Morgan and Amy joining The Big Show to fill us in on all of their hard work, take a listen:

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