Does Chuck Grassley Think James Comey Is Lying?

An interesting read today from RedState.

Senator Chuck Grassley has a well-deserved reputation for holding the executive branch accountable regardless of which party is in control.  And he's asking questions about statements that former FBI director James Comey has made while during interviews to promote Comey's book.

It had been widely reported that James Comey had told members of Congress that the FBI agents interviewing former national security adviser Michael Flynn did not believe he had been deceptive in his interview. This begs the question of why Robert Mueller decided to indict Flynn for lying to investigators.

But in at least one interview, Comey has denied ever saying that Flynn was deemed credible in the answers he gave to FBI agents.  Grassley wants to understand the discrepancy.

Now Chuck Grassley is demanding that Justice produce the written records, called 302s, from the Flynn interview so that the Senate can see for itself. It also looks like they are bringing back the FBI agent who was in the room to question him about what he heard.

I have not spent much time on the radio show talking about the day-to-day details of the various investigations underway in DC.  I believe most working class voters accept that politicians are constantly investigating each other and don't breathless follow every development.  On the show, I just try to give some time to the most relevant parts of the inquiries.

And this is relevant:  to what extent did the Obama Administration try to use executive branch power to stop Donald Trump from being elected?  To what extent are members of the former administration even now working to undermine the duly elected President of the United States?  


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