North Korea Sets Ceremony To Dismantle Nuclear Site

My goodness, it was just months ago that you and I were talking about North Korea test-firing missiles with the intent of arming them with nukes that could reach the United States.

Now, North Korea is inviting journalists to a dramatic -  and symbolic -  ceremony in which a nuclear test site will be dismantled.

The ceremony is to take place May 23-25.

North Korea's Foreign Ministry said Saturday that all of the tunnels at the country's northeastern testing ground will be destroyed by explosion, and that observation and research facilities and ground-based guard units will also be removed.

President Trump tweeted earlier this week that he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12th in Singapore.

This announcement follows the release three US detainees from North Korea earlier this week.

So WHY the dramatic change in attitude by Kim Jong-un?

I hope you were listening to some fascinating insight by former Green Beret Lt. Col. Jeff Addicott on the program this week.

In summary:  you will recall that the US called on China to put economic pressure on North Korea to stop the missile testing.  China agreed.  North Korea suffered tremendous financial pain as a result.  Kim Jong-un understands that extreme financial stress on his people results in rebellion -  and throwing the regime out.  So he's acting in the interest of self-preservation.

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