A wide variety of conditions as #plant18 continues

It's been a crazy #plant18 so far with varying degrees of progress.  Brock in Jasper County says he's unfolding for the last time:

Plant 10 1

Here's some NuTech 5F-308 North of Mount Pleasant, taken on Thursday:

Plant 10 2

Back at it before the rains in Fayette County:

Plant 10 3

Some soybeans peeking out of the ground at Carman Farms near Urbana, planted on April 26th:

Plant 10 4

The soybeans are being planted near New Sharon:

Plant 10 5

The folks at Hingtgen farms wrapping things up in the dark in Jackson County:

Plant 10 6

Just west of Wyoming, close to Andy's old stomping grounds around the 'Christmas City":

Plant 10 7

No-till soybeans near Danville looking good:

Plant 10 8

Travis sends us the update from the Corn Cam site:

Plant 10 9

About 1.4" rain over the weekend around Solon. Dad said we can't plant soybeans so we might as well look for mushrooms, and it looks like Allen found plenty:

Plant 10 10

This Mycogen variety has emerged and is looking good after being planted at a 2 inch depth on April 28th:

Plant 10 11

Yet, Dave Nelson says "Well, Wright County and counties surrounding may be at 20 percent at the most with half the fellow farmers at zero. And very wet." and "Haven't turned a wheel yet here in north iowa and now got another 1.5 inches" from the Forest City while they "dodge wet spots" north of Mason City so a long way yet to go.  Thank you so much for all of the texts to the DuPont Pioneer A-Series Soybean Text Line at 515.999.5491.

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