WATCH:Cedar Rapids Forum Attendee Compares Trump To Hitler

Below is the video to which I referred on the radio show today.  Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer brought his "Need To Impeach" tour to Iowa last week.  At town halls in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, Steyer sought to fire up the liberal base by making that case that President Donald Trump should be impeached by Congress.

Steyer hopes that his town halls will fire up a liberal base to the extent that they will vote in record numbers this fall and put the Republicans in the US House and US Senate in the minority.

And how fired up is that liberal base?  This attendee in Cedar Rapids compared Trump to Hitler and received vigorous applause.

Steyer tries to avoid the comparison -  but notice the angry grumbling as he attempts to not agree with the assessment.

As a child of a German immigration born in 1939, I vigorously object to ANY Republican or Democrat being compared to Hitler.  But there's a bigger question to be tackled here:  if you view a political opponent as Hitler, at what point do you begin to justify political violence.

This goes far beyond disliking a President because you find him personally repugnant and/or disagree with his ideas.  If the GOP holds onto the US House and US Senate this fall, what will liberals who believe they are attempting to save the country from evil ultimately do?

See the video below.

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