Democrats take aim in Governors' debate WATCH VIDEO

Three of the six Democratic candidates for governor Wednesday night were taking aim at the front-runner in the race.

All six took part in the Iowa Public Television Iowa Democratic Gubernatorial Debate live from the IPTV studios in Johnston.  

While candidates Ross Wilburn and Andie McGuire looked on, Cathy Glasson, Nate Boulton and John Norris all hurled attacks against Fred Hubbell.

Glasson accused Hubbell of not "walking the walk" when it comes to abortion. She pointed out that Hubbell personally contributed to the campaign of Rep. Peter Cownie (R-West Des Moines) who voted for the "fetal heartbeat" bill when it came before the Iowa House this year.  

Hubbell responded that he's had a "family friendship" with Cownie, having known him since "he was a boy".  He told the IPTV audience that it was the family relationship and not political views that prompted him to contribute to Cownie's campaign.

Nate Boulton lobbed the next attack, accusing Hubbell of giving away tax dollars to the rich when he was head of the Iowa Department of Economic Development under Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack.  

Hubbell brushed aside the complaint, saying that he worked to rid the state of its biggest tax giveaway, the film tax credit.

Even John Norris, who was for a time Governor Vilsack's chief of staff, complained that Hubbell was draining all the money away from other Democratic candidates for governor.  He said that "Fred admitted that I wasn't going to win because he had all the money."

The six candidates all talked about their views on health care and other topic.  But Cathy Glasson told reporters afterwards that most of the candidates were "middle of the road" who won't win the "primary or against Governor Reynolds in November.

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