New Xbox Controller For Gamers With Disabilities

Gaming just got a lot easier for everyone.

Microsoft has announced its latest technology advancement for the Xbox.  No, this isn't another new console, but rather, a different type of controller.

The new adaptive controller is aimed to help Gamers with disabilities play their favorite games in whatever fashion works for them. 

You will not find the traditional directional pads, triggers, or buttons on this new controller. The white slab-style pad instead features two sizable black buttons, two USB ports, and a multitude of 3.5mm jacks.

This setup allows Gamers to customize the controller to suit their playing needs best.

With Microsoft being the first to launch this new controller, do you see Sony and Nintendo following in their footsteps?

It does seem to open up the gaming world to a bigger audience.  And there seems to be a gaming platform for EVERYONE.

Honestly, I want my controller to be simple.  That's why I am a Nintendo Wii fan.  It is made for the casual gamer like me.  I really don't want to take the time to master a complex combo of buttons, as some games on the Playstation or Xbox require.

But I understand that serious gamers like the Playstation or Xbox -  and this controller seems to allow more people to become SERIOUS gamers.

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