One Democratic candidate for governor's out of money


According to the latest campaign finance reports, one of the Democratic candidates for governor is deficit-spending days before the primary election.

Of the six Democrats seeking the chance to go against Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, only former Iowa City Mayor Ross Wilburn is in the hole.  His campaign reports that they've spent $515.71 more than they have...including an over $1300 personal loan from the candidate.

Top money-raiser was Fred Hubbell at over $3 million.  But his campaign has spent nearly 4 million from the first of the year, leaving him only $248,050.  The second-highest money-raiser, union executive Cathy Glasson, raised over $593,000. But she also spent a lot...nearly $1.1 million, a large amount of that on political consultants.

Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds also filed her campaign report.  It says she has over $4.2 million in the bank, having raised nearly $1.3 million since the first of the year.  


KIM REYNOLDS                REPUBLICAN  $1,259,686.80        $1,157,251.40       $4,242,615.96

FRED HUBBELL                 DEMOCRAT    $3,014,870.76        $3,998,178.94       $   248,050.13

NATE BOULTON               DEMOCRAT    $  500,021.31         $   938,814.05       $   100,388.35

CATHY GLASSON             DEMOCRAT    $  593,340.37         $1,094,736.36       $   228,650.33

JOHN NORRIS                  DEMOCRAT    $ 235,057.48          $   226,820.05       $   152,319.34

ANDY MCGUIRE               DEMOCRAT    $ 273,489.00          $   383,122.29      $    148,928.95

ROSS WILBURN                DEMOCRAT    $    6,441.99           $       7,065.44      $         (515.71)

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