An odor reducing fence?

The new Electro-Static Ionization Fence involves this barb wire serving as two high-voltage lines to create an electron field:

Fence 1

Which makes the dust particles coming out of these fans negatively-charged and as such looking for something to stick to in order to ground out:

Fence 2

That's where the green fabric comes in, catching those particles, thus keeping them and the odor, from leaving the property:

Fence 3

As Bob would say, way-cool stuff behing debuted at the new Iowa Select Farms site near Williams:

Fence 4

They are also planting trees and shrubs in partnership with the Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers in a further effort to be good neighbors:

Fence 5

Iowa Select's John Stoon, who oversees ventilation and filtration and further explains this fence and the importance of being good stewards of the land as well as good neighbors:

John edited

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