Arriving On Netflix In June 2018

As I type this, central Iowa is under a heat warning.  That means that my wife and I will alternate between outdoor activities and taking a break inside to enjoy some air conditioning.

And THAT'S where Netflix comes in.  Here's the complete list of all 82 TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in June 2018.  

Summer TV viewing has always been spotty for me.  I always enjoyed the temporary shows that popped up on over-the-air on network TV that were goofy and light -  my favorite of all time was "Wipeout."  Hey, since the streaming services LOVE to bring back favorite shows -  how about reviving Wipeout???  (It last aired in 2014).

Netflix has changed EVERYTHING.  You have a LOT more choice during the summer.  Here's what is exciting to me:

Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok premieres on June 5.  This film surprised a lot of Marvel fans by playing as a straight-up comedy, but it works!

The Staircase, a true crime documentary, debuts June 8.  Netflix has hooked me on true crime documentaries.

Portlandia (Season 8) premieres on June 10 -  the final season of a very funny skit show.

In Bruges premieres on June 16 -  a brilliant black comedy film featuring Colin Farrell.

Marvel's Luke Cage (Season 2) premieres June 22 -  you may sense a Marvel theme developing here. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits Netflix on June 26.

GLOW (Season 2) premieres on June 29 - the hilarious Netflix original revolves around women's professional wrestling in the 80s.

Enjoy that Disney-related content on Netflix now (including Marvel and Star Wars movies) because Disneyflix will become the home of all that content in 2019.

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