Fred Hubbell booed on decriminalizing marijuana at debate

For the first time, one of the Democratic candidates for governor was booed in a televised debate Wednesday night.

The candidate was Fred Hubbell, who was asked if he'd support decriminalization of marijuana.  Hubbell answered "not right now", saying he'd want to see how the issues some other states have encountered work out.  Meanwhile, the other candidates say they support decriminalization.

It was the last televised debate of the primary season.  And there was one less candidate on the stage than at the previous two TV debates.  That's because Nate Boulton withdrew from the race after allegations of sexual harrassment surfaced.  

Several candidates, including Cathy Glasson and John Norris made pitches during the debate to former Boulton supporters to join them.

Afterward, WHO Radio News spoke to most of the candidates.  We asked if they'd done a good enough job of differentiating themselves from the other candidates in the last debate.  All appeared pleased with their campaigns.  

But candidates still worry about Fred Hubbell's personal fortune.  Cathy Glasson says she's proud that even though Hubbell had a "lot more " money in his campaign war chest, she was still in the top tier of Democratic candidates for governor.  

John Norris says being rich won't be an advantage for Fred Hubbell against Kim Reynolds.  He says "his whole life has been maximizing corporate profits" not helping people.

Wednesday's debate was co-sponsored by KCCI-TV and the Des Moines Register. It was held in the auditorium of the State Historical Museum and Library in Des Moines.

The primary election is June 5th.  Tune to 1040 WHO Radio for the results of all of the primary races...Democrat and Republican...when the polls close at 9pm.

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