Kim Kardashian: Prison Reformer???

Kim Kardashian West meets today with President Trump to talk about prison reform.  Kim has been working with the Trump family, mostly Ivanka, for months regarding the case of Alice Marie Johnson.

Johnson is a great-grandmother, who is currently serving life in an Alabama prison without parole for the 1997 charges of money laundering and drugs. This was her first offense.

Now Kim and her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will visit with Trump himself in hopes to overturn Johnson's sentence.

Kim was a Hillary supporter in the last election, however, her husband, Kanye West's, recent, very public, support for Trump and MAGA probably helps her out.

Or does it?

I know that we now live in the era of people who are famous...for being famous.  And there's no doubt that fame allows celebrities to have access to Presidents and Congressional leaders in a way that working class folk like me don't get.  But does it do any good?

In Kim Kardashian's case, yes.  And it is for the same reason that her husband Kanye's support for Trump is significant -  because Kim and Kanye are social media INFLUENCERS.

If either tweet positive things about the administration, followers of the pair are influenced.  And if the Trump administration makes inroads among voters that liberals expect are a lock for the left, a big win in 2020 is coming.

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