Last K-Mart store in Des Moines to close

The only remaining K-Mart store in the Des Moines area will be closing in September.  

Sears Holdings, parent company of K-Mart and Sears stores, released a list of 15 K-mart stores and 48 Sears stores that they say will close in September of this year.

The K-Mart store at 2535 Hubbell Avenue in Des Moines is closing.  However, the Sears store at Merle Hay Mall is NOT on the closing list.  The Sears store at Davenport's North Park Mall, will close.  Only the Des Moines and Sioux City stores will remain open.

Employees at the affected stores were notified May 31st.  

The stores were targeted for closure because they were among the least profitable of the remaining stores the company has.  Sears Holdings says there may be additional closings announced in the future

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