"Spider Man" faces charges of injuring an officer

32 year old Terrance Lee Rollen was taken into custody Sunday night, but not before he injured two Des Moines Police officers.  

Rollen had been wearing a "Spider-Man" mask and was reported to be punching cars and damaging a mailbox in the 300 block of Franklin Avenue.  When police arrived, he took off running, but laid down in the 1900 block of Arlington Avenue.

According to the Des Moines Police report, Rollen "was clearly under the influence of an unknown substance." He struggled as police tried to take him into custody, causing one officer to receive minor scraps and bleeding and spraining another officer's left index finger and thumb.

Rollen was taken to Broadlawns Medical Center for treatment.  Once released, he'll face charges of public intoxication, injuring a police officer and assault causing bodily injury.

ORIGINAL:  It wasn't "cosplay" like what attendees at the Wizard World Comic Con displayed Saturday. But it was a man in a Spider-Man mask that Des Moines Police had to deal with. Both Saturday and Sunday evenings.

The report came in Sunday night around 8pm of a man in a "hockey mask" banging on mailboxes and causing trouble near 6th and Hickman.

A Des Moines police officer recognized the description, then went to the scene and saw the man.  He wasn't wearing a hockey mask-it was a Spider-Man mask.

Officers had to chase him for a couple of blocks then had to hold him down once he was taken into custoday around 8:15pm.

Police took the man to Broadlawns Medical Center for treatment.  His name wasn't revealed at the time. 


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