Iowa State University grad named Climatologist

DES MOINES, Iowa- Iowa has a new State Climatologist.   Justin Glisan has been hired to replace Harry Hillaker, who retired earlier this year, after a 37-year career.

Glisan will compile and process climate data, including preparing the weekly weather summary for the Iowa Crop Progress and Condition Report.

Glisan graduated from Iowa State University in 2012, where he earned his PHD.  Glisan has been working at ISU as a research atmospheric scientist.  

He’s also participated in many research projects at Iowa State University and the University of Missouri, including in-depth research on extreme precipitation and temperature extremes and their causal mechanisms.

The weather is always a lively topic of conversation and we are excited to have Dr. Glisan on board in this important role. The State Climatologist ensures we have comprehensive weather records for the state so we can put current weather events in the correct historical context,” Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig said.


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