WATCH: Bill Clinton Meltdown Over Monica Lewinsky Question

We didn't get to talk about this moment during a TODAY show interview as extensively as I would have liked, due to breaking news overtaking the program.  Former President Bill Clinton did a TODAY show interview along side author James Patterson to promote their new mystery, "The President Is Missing."

But interviewer Craig Melvin wasn't going to allow an opportunity to ask Clinton about the #metoo movement.  And Melvin's question is appropriate:  as I've said on the show previously, the movement has caused a lot of men (including myself) to reflect on our behavior toward women. 

But NOT Bill Clinton.

How can you be a current (or former) Clinton supporter and NOT cringe at this?  He STILL believes he was the victim of a political conspiracy rather than being held accountable for reprehensible behavior toward women.

The fact that Bill Clinton believes his agenda and his hiring practices "trumps" his behavior toward women (pun intended) AND the fact that his supporters willingly attacked his accusers is WHY YOU GOT TRUMP.  Remember?

We were told to move on and allow Clinton to go about the peoples' business.  So when Clinton supporters demanded that Trump supporters express outrage over HIS behavior toward women....voters "moved on" and elected Trump instead.  Lesson learned.  Too well.



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