West Des Moines man saves baby goose from snapping turtle VIDEO

Video clip WHO TV and Cary Coppola on Twitter

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  - A man rode an inflatable unicorn swim toy into a pond to save a young goose from a snapping turtle, and the whole thing was caught on video. (VIDEO BELOW) 

The video posted by Cary Coppola on Twitter over the weekend shows the rescue. 

Coppola tells WHO Channel 13 he was driving past a pond when his wife noticed a goose struggling in the water. Coppola went to his brother's house, changed into swim gear, and grabbed the first flotation device he could find: a giant unicorn.

He swam out to goose, thinking its foot was tangled in a net, but found a snapping turtle pulling on its leg. Coppola managed to swim to shore, floating on the unicorn, pulling the goose and turtle behind. 

Back on shore, his brother was able to separate them and the goose ran off, while the turtle swam away, hungry.



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