Dry conditions spreading in Iowa

There are nearly three dozen Iowa counties in some form of drought.

This week's U-S Drought Monitor shows continued dry conditions in the southern two tiers of counties, as well as a patch stretching from Story to Black Hawk County.

The report does not include the rains from yesterday's storms.

The National Weather Service says the Des Moines area picked up just under an inch of rain Wednesday.   Story County got a little more, over an inch in Ames, and over two inches in Gilbert, just north of Ames.

Tim Hall of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources issues a weekly Water Summary and says June is the wettest month of the year.  He says Iowa typically gets an inch and a quarter of rain per week is considered normal.   He says if you divide the state into thirds, the northern third has been wet, the middle has been normal, but the lower third is on the dry side.

Hall says there's significant drought to the south and west and drought in the Dakotas.

He says May, June, and July are the three wettest months, after that the chances of making up precipitation deficits becomes more difficult.


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