New Iowa Driver Licenses have extra security

AMES, Iowa- Iowa driver licenses are getting a make-over.    This month, the Iowa DOT began issuing cards with new graphics, featuring the golden dome of the Iowa capitol, along  with the state motto, and extra security features, to protect Iowans from identity theft or fraud.  The cards will be phased in as Iowans renew their license or ID card.

"The security and safety of every Iowan’s identity is our main concern,” said Melissa Spiegel, director of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Division. “This newly designed card allows us to stay on the leading edge of security technology to effectively prevent driver’s license fraud and identity theft.”

The DOT says the updates follow the most recent card design standards for driver’s licenses and IDs set by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and includes dozens of new security features.   Officials say some that are visible to the naked eye and others are not. 

The DOT says the secure cards are easy to authenticate by law enforcement, the Transportation Safety Administration, and other businesses who rely on the cards to prove identity. The changes also make the cards more difficult to counterfeit or alter.

Most Iowans have yet to get "Real ID" license
Most Iowans have yet to get "Real ID" license


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