Des Moines Council asked to finalize fireworks use ban


The Des Moines City Council is poised to finalize its ban on fireworks use by residents Monday night.

Last year, the council was inundated with complaints from residents about the noise and the smoke from the July 4th evening when fireworks were allowed. 

In addition, residents of a south Des Moines home claimed that while they were out of the state, someone shot of a rocket that spread fire from their attic to the basement.  

Council members were divided on the issue, but the group decided they didn't want to authorize fireworks use by residents in the city at all.

State law says fireworks can be used by residents between June 1st and July 8th and again December 10th through January 3rd...but cities and counties have the power to decide on what dates and times they will be allowed.

Des Moines last year allowed them only on July 4th between 4pm and 10pm.  

The ordinance the city council is being asked to give final approval to would ban use of fireworks by the public at all times.  There is a provision that allows special permits for public fireworks shows such as those at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and other events, which would be tightly controlled.

The new law keeps the $625 fine for shooting off any fireworks.

State law allows consumer fireworks to be sold from June 1st through July 8th and again December 10th through January 3rd.  That provision is not changing, other than to add that fireworks retailers must have a permit issued by the state fire marshall. And that they cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.


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