$2,500 reward to find mail thief in Beaverdale

$2,500 Reward to find Beaverdale mail theives

Some Beaverdale residents didn't get any mail Monday.  A thief or thieves broke the side window of a US postal truck near 35th Street and Urbandale and stole the mail that was inside.  

Kristy Anderson with the US Postal Service says about 422 deliveries were affected.  641 letters and 241 "flats" were taken along with six small packages.  She says there were larger packages in the truck which weren't taken.  

The US Postal Inspector's Service is offering the $2,500 reward for information that finds the mail and the thief or thieves.

Anderson says the thief was probably looking for checks or credit cards.  Those in the area were notified, so they could contact senders of any checks or credit cards to cancel them and reissue.


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