Iowa Storm Chasers face tornado Wednesday VIDEO

Tornado near Scranton, Iowa Tuesday - Iowa Storm Chasing Network VIDEO BELOW

DES MOINES, Iowa - Tornado warnings were issued for several counties in Iowa Wednesday, based on radar indicated rotation. 

But, Brennan Jontz and Zach Sharpe saw the real thing.  The Iowa Storm Chasing Network was live near Scranton, Iowa in Greene County, streaming video on Facebook.  

First they followed a funnel cloud as it was forming, then a few minutes later they drove around a corner, and found themselves looking through the windshield at a tornado.

"We got a tornado in front of us."  Zach Sharpe told his followers on the live video feed.  "That is a tornado live right now in northern Scranton."

"Oh!" Sharpe said. "Right there!  Right there we got ground circulation!"  

Other warnings were issued for Dallas and Boone Counties, Hardin, Grundy, and Carroll.  And southeast of Des Moines in Keokuk County.

Tornados were also confirmed near Perry and Eldora.  There are no reports of major damage at this time.




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