Celebrating 10 years of urban water quality improvement initiatives

Really not much has changed in 10 years, has it?  Certainly not how Bob or Bill Northey look:

Rain Gardens 1

Had to get that in there :)  Pictured here along with the late Mark Pearson in 2008 as they kicked off one of the leading urban water quality improvement initiatives, Rain Gardens:

Rain 2

That's what it looks like now, but 10 years ago Paul Miller and Jennifer Welch were hard at work to get it built:

Rain 3

Of course the idea is to keep the clean rain water in the yard to soak in rather than running into the storm sewer system and picking up dirt, oil and other pollutants along the way:

Rain 4

Of course the gardens take a little time to grow and fill in, and here's how it looks today at Paul and Jennifer, the Urban Conservationists with the Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship check back in with Deputy Secretary of Ag Julie Kenney and Bob:

Rain 5

Thousands have now been constructed across the state, just another example of how we in Ag deeply care about the environment and work hard to improve it:

Rain 6

BTW they are still installing these and if you would like to help or put one in, contact the Iowa Department of Ag here:



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