LOOK at how much corn has grown in a month

Of course the growth rate varies by year depending on a lot of factors, which makes this comparison even more breathtaking!  This was taken on June 20th on our Verdesian Life Sciences water quality test plot near Wyoming, IA:

Corn 1

That's a traditional dirt-moving shovel for comparison purposes, about 5 feet tall or so and as you can see the corn is towering above it.  Just once month earlier, on May 20th, here was the view in the same field:

Corn 2

What a change!  And speaking of changes, the technology continues evolving quickly.  Below is the satellite imagery used to analyze plant health from Pioneer Encirca Services on the same field:

Corn 3

For the most part it looks to be in really good shape with a couple of soil type differences explaining the yellow color at the top of the picture.  BTW we're going back out there for The Big Show on Friday, June 29th to do some nitrogen soil testing and help determine the benefits of the NutriSphere-N stabilizer.  Listen in here:



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