New flood warnings for rivers in Iowa - FLOOD MAP

CLICK MAP for larger interactive USGS flood map

CLICK HERE for most current river flood MAP for IOWA     

DES MOINES, Iowa - Local rivers are back in flood warning after heavy rain over the weekend.

Flood warnings as of Sunday noon include:

Walnut Creek at Clive 

Walnut Creek at 63rd Street in Des Moines/West Des Moines

Four Mile Creek at Easton Bloulevard

Squaw Creek at Ames

Des Moines River at 2nd Avenue

Des Moines river at SE 6th Street

Raccoon River at Fleur in Des Moines

North Raccoon at Perry

Skunk River at Ames and Colfax

There are numerous more flood warnings for central Iowa locations.   See the full river flood map for details.

CLICK HERE for most current river flood MAP    

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