Weekend flood damages hundreds of homes in Des Moines area

DES MOINES, Iowa-   Polk County Emergency Management officials provided an update today (Monday) on the response to flash flooding Saturday night.

*Kelsey Angle of the National Weather Service in Des Moines reported that while river levels are still elevated, they are slowly falling and there should a few dry days before the next chance of isolated thunderstorms.

*Polk County has opened a flood victim service center at the River Place facility at 2309 Euclid Avenue in Des Moines.  Numerous agencies will be there to assist flood victims.

*Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie announced at least 200 homes were damaged by flood waters, most in the Four Mile Creek area, along with at least 10 commercial buildings and two hotels.  He also said public works crews are making plans to fix streets damaged by flooding, and will begin that process as soon as possible.

*Des Moines and the suburbs are announcing flood debris pick-up procedures and locations.

*Des Moines Police are urging those who plan to attend events in downtown Des Moines this week to stay away from flood waters, along the Des Moines River.   Police are also reminding residents not to be duped by scammers tend to show up in times of disasters,

*Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg planned to tour flood damaged areas of Des Moines today.   Reynolds has added four more counties to along list of counties designated as disaster areas due to severe weather and flooding over the past three weeks.

Flood clean-up underway in Des Moines area - Thumbnail Image

Flood clean-up underway in Des Moines area

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