LOOK: What's going on out in the field

It's been quite the growing season so far as this corn was planted on May 29th and just 64 days later is fully silked (those are the hair-looking things sticking out the end of tiny ears):

Silk 1

That means a shift in terms of the plant's purpose in it's life, from vegetative growth to reproduction and as such it's time for pollination:

Corn tassle 1

The tassels are just starting to shoot, from which the pollen will drop onto those silks, the breeding process for a plant if you will, and once each silk receives pollen it becomes a kernel of corn.  Now, in the soybean field, not only do we have full bloom (again, switching to reproductive state) but pods are already being set and the one in the middle looks like a four bean pod:  

Bean pods

To say it's been an incredibly fast growing season is an understatement.

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