White House Officials Are Getting Heckled In Public

President Trump Meets With South Korean President Moon Jae-In At White House

It wasn't just Sarah Sanders - seems like a lot of White House officials have been getting heckled in public lately.

Kellyanne Conway says she was grocery shopping when someone told her "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!  Go look in the mirror!"

Meanwhile, Trump adviser Stephen Miller says he got flipped off and cursed at after ordering takeout sushi.  Former adviser Steve Bannon says he was confronted in a book store.

And, of course, Representative Maxine Waters has called for even MORE harassment.

I have a unique perspective on this, having served in the Iowa Senate for 12 years.  I held public forums on weekends and often was subject to some rather heated comments.  I also understand that a number of constituents couldn't attend the forums, so they took advantage of seeing me in a restaurant or grocery store to express their views.

PLUS I got emails and phone calls.  I actually gave out my cell phone number to be as accessible as possible.

But HERE'S the difference -  these voters were expressing passionate viewpoints and attempting to influence my own views on a topic.  This is harassment and bullying for the emotional satisfaction of the bully -  no actual outcome is intended.  No one should be encouraging THIS behavior.

Do you agree with me?  Or is this a price that people in politics should now be willing to pay?

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