Setting a World Record during The Big Show Challenge

The Big Show challenge was simple...put this 1949 John Deere 'M' tractor back together as quickly as possible:

Challenge 1

So Gary and the crew at Robert's Carburetor & The Motor Works decided to take it on:

Challenge 2

Here's how it started, in 253 pieces:

Challenge 3
Challenge 4

Everything, parts and wrenches included, were strategically placed:

Challenge 5
Challenge 6

And they were off as The Big Show started:

Challenge 7

No power or air tools were used, only hand tools:

Challenge 8
Challenge 9

It took 30 minutes and 51 seconds, just incredible:

Challenge 10

Congratulations on a job well done and a New World Record, and stay tuned for more Big Show Challenges in the future.  Check out the live video here and listen to how it sounded below:

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