Trump official meets with Iowa women business owners

DES MOINES, Iowa-  Small Business Administration Chief Linda McMahon was in Des Moines Friday for the Iowa Women's Small Business Roundtable, a discussion with small business leaders and elected officials, hosted by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

McMahon, who was a guest on Jeff Angelo's program on WHO-Radio says as she's traveled across the country, speaking with small business owners, she's heard positive comments about tax reform, and that it's leading to higher wages, more hiring,  and greater spending on equipment.  She also says there's a high level of optimism among those wishing to start new businesses, based on strong economic signs.

McMahon also said one area that could be improved is expanded broad band service in rural areas.

"We need to really focus on that, from an SBA perspective, so that we can have more rural on-line lending in areas where there aren't bricks and mortar banks," McMahon told WHO Radio's Jeff Angelo.

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