Des Moines City Council asked to approve flood programs Monday

The Des Moines City Council is holding a special city council meeting at 10:30 Monday morning to review three new programs for flood-damaged homes in the city.

First is a program that would forgive city sewer, garbage collection and stormwater fees for residents of flood-damaged homes for one year, provided that have had their water shut off.  The city manager says on average, residents pay a total of $37.25 a month in fees.  

Next is a buy-out program where the city would spend up to six and a half million dollars to buy out homes with structural damage that are in the flood plain.  This would largely impact several homes in the area of Four Mile Creek on the city's northeast side.

Finally, a city program would, if adopted, offer loans with zero interest and no loan origination fees up to six thousand dollars for residents to pay for repairs of water damaged foundations, electrical and mechanical systems.  The loans would be for five years.  

Council members from the east side and from Beaverdale asked the city manager for quick action on these issues after hearing complaints from residents.

The council meeting begins at 10:30am.

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