WATCH - How tractor pulling used to be

It was a celebration over the weekend of 60 years of Tractor Pulling at the Wyoming Fair and included a demonstration of how things used to go.  The predecessor the mechanized skids, people used to stand 10 feet apart on the track and jump on until the tractor ran out of power.  In the bigger classes they would drive a small tractor on the skid for added weight.  Take a look:

Tractor Pull

This came after a day's worth of work on the track to dry it out after about an inch of rain on Friday night:

Fair 3

Earlier in the day there was a 4-H and FFA cattle show and Alec Gotto was exhibiting with his new tracked vehicle:

Fair 4

Of course you know the ribeyes were good and we did our best to help drive beef demand:

Fair 1

There was also an adult class in the pedal tractor pull so Andy gave it a shot.  Believe it or not he even finished in the money:

Fair 5

The tractor display drew a large number of classics:

Fair 2

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