Cedar Rapids men caught transporting drugs from Colorado

OMAHA, Nebraska-   Two Cedar Rapids, Iowa men are in the Douglas County Nebraska Jail, facing drug charges.   Douglas County Sheriff Chief Deputy Tom Wheeler says a deputy stopped a speeder on I-80 about 2:30 Wednesday morning in Omaha, and found a large amount of marijuana, and possible cocaine, and hash oil in the SUV. 

The driver, 21-year-old Maxwell Podgorski and a passenger, 24-year-old Jermal Brown told the deputy they were traveling from Colorado to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.    

The deputy noticed a black garbage bag in the back of the vehicle, and detected a marijuana odor.  He found 14 pounds of marijuana, two kilos of suspected cocaine, and two dozen containers of suspected hash oil.   

Chief Deputy Wheeler says it was a significant drug seizure, and they were glad to get it off the streets. Podgorski and Brown were arrested and booked on charges of Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine, Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Deliver Hash and Failure to Affix a Tax Stamp.

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