These Democrats Want Trump’s Interpreter to Testify Before Congress

On today's radio show, you heard me talk about liberal dominance of the media.  Liberals had hoped that, by creating a liberally-dominated mainstream media in our country, they'd be able to control the narrative and remain in power.

What has happened INSTEAD is a liberal echo-chamber in which the left presents ideas that most voters consider crazy (re:  charging the President with treason) or with which only a minority of citizens would agree.  But since no dissent is tolerated, there's no pundit on the left who has the power to yell, "STOP!"

The latest example:

At least three Democratic lawmakers want the House to subpoena the U.S. translator from the Trump-Putin meeting.

They include Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Representative Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts and Congressman Bill Pascrell of New Jersey.

The lawmakers want the translator to tell Congress what was said during President Trump's private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I don't need to take a poll to know that a MAJORITY of Americans believe our leaders should have closed door meetings with other leaders.  This is just another example of liberals who are furious every time they are reminded that Donald J. Trump is our President.

But here's the Iowa angle on stories like this:  I interviewed Democratic candidate Cindy Axne on Tuesday.  On topics like health care, immigration, and trade, she sounded eminently knowledgeable and reasonable. 

Now:  notice from WHERE the Senators who want to subpoena Donald Trump's translator hail:  solidly blue states where the legislators are left of MOST of the public.  Can a reasonable, moderate candidate like Cindy overcome the crazy branding being placed on her party by a coastal media blasting a far-left message across the nation?

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