No Explanation for Weeping Virgin Mary Statue

A story for my "after dark" Facebook followers because this definitely has a "Coast To Coast AM With George Noory" vibe to it.

This story involves a  mystery that continues to stump the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces. A Virgin Mary sculpture in a Hobbs church appears to be weeping.

After a chemical analysis conducted last Friday, it was determined that it was olive oil, but that doesn't preclude the occurrence from being deemed a church miracle.

Bishop Oscar Cantu says the investigation is trying to determine whether there was a natural cause behind the liquid and noted nothing irregular inside the statue was found.

So the skeptic in me wonders if this is one of those churches struggling bring in parishioners (and therefore, revenue) so it needed to manufacture a miracle.

But isn't there a part of all of us (including me) that hopes that they can't find ANY explanation for it?  We ALL need some miracles in our lives.

Based on what we know, is it possible that the oil is leaking from the statute material itself?  Could this be a true church miracle?  Any chance it's a hoax?

What do you think?  Do you dismiss these stories out-of-hand, OR do you WANT to believe?

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