Clive, Iowa Library opens vegetable exchange

CLIVE, Iowa--  The Clive Library is trying something new,  a vegetable exchange.   Gardeners who have more home-grown veggies, than they really need, can drop them off at the library, and pick-up something else, a different vegetable,  and/or a gardening or cook-book.  

Clive Library Manager Stephanie Keller says the program is an example of how libraries have evolved into community centers, offering more than just books.

Keller is also reminding parents and caregivers to bring the kids to the library so they can take a break from the hot summer, and dive into a good book.   

She tells WHO Radio News kids still like the Harry Potter series, nearly 10 years after the books were first published.  

She also says the "Dog Man" books (by Dav Pilkey) are very popular.

The Walnut Creek flood caused a little damage at the Clive Library earlier this month,  forcing the library to close for a day or two.   Keller says things were cleaned up quickly, and everything's back to normal.

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