Florida Deputy Taunts Slow-Moving Tortoise in Hilarious Video

Cops are used to dealing with slowpokes on the roads, but one deputy from the Marion County Sheriff's department in Florida found himself particularly frustrated after he needed to deal with a particularly slow-moving tortoise that had taken over the road. 

Seeing multiple traffic infractions occurring, Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Bryan Bowman flipped around behind him, lit up his lights to slow down traffic and tried to reason with the animal. 

"The nerve of this guy," Deputy Bowman begins on his video. "He's literally going 1 mile per hour in a 30 mile-per hour zone. I mean, the guy's easily a hundred, and shouldn't even be on the roadways to begin with."

Bowman says he attempted to talk to the tortoise, and get him off the road but it "snapped" at him.

“Come on, grandpa, I’ve got places to be,” Bowman complains on his video posted Sunday to the Marion County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page. 

The deputy says he kept pace with the slow-moving tortoise as it moved down the Florida road for around twenty minutes before the reptile finally retreated into some nearby woods. 

“Everyone wants to drive slow with a cop car behind them,” Bowman says in the video. “You can’t get nowhere on time.”

The post was viewed more than 135,000 times on Facebook. 

THE NERVE OF THIS GUY!! Folks, it’s time for another episode of “Deputies Walking with Wildlife”... MCSO Deputy Bryan Bowman was working at the KP Hole today and as he was driving, he saw THIS dude just walkin’ down the road. Seeing multiple traffic infractions occurring, Deputy Bowman flipped around behind him and threw on his lights to slow down traffic. He tried to get him off the road but he snapped at Deputy Bowman....the nerve!! Deputy Bowman then just followed the old man for about 20 minutes until he finally went into the woods... anyone know what kind of tortoise this is? #slowwwwwwsunday

Thanks to Deputy Bowman for catching this wild encounter on tape and for sharing it with us!!

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