Could A Cannabis-Based "Concussion Pill" Be On The Way?

I am an advocate for legal medical marijuana AND the expansion of its uses.  The more I read medical research, the more I wonder how long we've been MISSING a lot of the benefits of cannabinoid.

Researchers say a study involving the combination of a hemp-derived cannabinoid and an NMDA amino acid anesthetic resulted in statistically significant and encouraging results.  In a pre-clinical study, rodents with traumatic brain injuries showed improved cognitive function with treated with this combo.

The result:  the potential development of a "concussion pill" to treat traumatic brain injuries.

The research is being done in Miami and researchers say further testing is warranted.

Researchers hope that "concussion pills" may one day be mandatory at every sporting event.  The drug could be used on participants of all ages to protect the athlete from the brain's immediate inflammatory response to trauma.  And the treatment could be used in emergency rooms and ambulances in the first hour after an injury to prevent long-term damage.

Some NFL players are already claiming that marijuana has prevented them from developing deadly brain disease.

One ethical question for the future:  if the concussion pill becomes standard protocol, would we dial back safety measures for athletes (particularly in the NFL) so we could go back to enjoying hard hits?

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