Study: Sports Destroy Happiness

Excited sports fans cheering their football team on at home

Long-time listeners know that I grew up in St. Louis and am a fanatic for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Long-time SPORTS fans know that the Cardinals are NOT having a good season.

I was in St. Louis this past weekend to visit family and on Saturday night, we gathered around the television to cheer on our favorite team.  At one point, however, my sister asked an interesting question:  "Does it seem like Cardinals fans are angrier than ever.  I remember when you cheered on the team through good and bad.  Now, people seem to be furious about the bad."

I agreed with her -  but not just about the Cardinals.  

And now -  a new study from the University of Sussex alleges that sports is making people sadder...not more entertained.  In summary:  the sadness that people feel when their team is losing is outweighing other factors that should make them happier.

At first glance, I'd blame social media.  It seems that most platforms have become a warehouse for angry people that are venting over things that aren't really that important in the real world.  But I fear that the anger is actually impacting our real world view.  People don't watch sports to relax anymore -  they are just are invested in it as whether we go to war with Russia.

But I think there is something bigger going on.  Does it seem we, as a people, are getting more emotional about EVERYTHING.  Again, I go to social media, where every outrage is being given equal equivalence.  I am afraid we can't figure out what's REALLY important anymore.

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