Feds warn Iowans about new Medicare card scammers

More than 600-thousand plastic cards are on the way to Iowa mailboxes  They're replacement cards for Medicare beneficiaries.   Federal officials are warning that scammers have been calling people, claiming they have to pay for the new card or they need to give the caller their social security number.

Julie Brookhart with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and tell WHO Radio News the government won't call you about the card, and they already have your information, and don't need to ask for it.    

The new cards are replacing old cards, that listed social security numbers, posing a risk for identity theft.

All the new cards should be received by mid-August.

People with Medicare and their caregivers can visit medicare.gov/newcard to find out when new Medicare cards will be mailed to their area. They can also sign up for email notifications about the new card mailing and check the status in their state.

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